Piano Keyboard

The Piano Keyboard kit is a great starting point for any musical Arduino project. The board has a full piano keyboard of one octave plus three user buttons. The board has a small built-in beeper with volume knob that you can use to play simple tones using the Arduino tone() function.

Features of the Piano Keyboard

  • One full octave of 13 soft piano keys
  • 3 tactile user buttons for your own functions such as changing octave, change instrument or whacky sound effects
  • Either use the built-in beeper to produce simple beeping sounds using the tone() function, or control an external synthesizer such as the OPL2 Audio Board.
  • Beeper volume can be adjusted using on board potentiometer
  • The state of each key can be read individually and what you do with it is up to you
  • SPI interface and code library that can be used on any Arduino compatible board

Library software

In order to use the Piano Keyboard with your Arduino, or compatible board, you need to install the PianoKeys library that can be downloaded using the library manager of the Arduino IDE or PlatformIO. You can also download the library yourself from the Github repository.

The library provides all the functionality you need to get going with the Piano Kayboard. It has all the functions to detect key presses, key releases and key state without having to worry about debounce. The included code examples will show you how to use the Piano Keyboard and can be a great starting point for your own projects!

Purchase a kit!

You can get the Piano Keyboard from my Tindie store either as a kit that you put together yourself, or as a fully assembled board. You have the choice between using a straight or angled headers to connect the board (assembled boards will always have angled pin headers!).

Kits are shipped to you in a quality white cardboard box that will fit in any normal letterbox. All the components you need to put the board together are included as well as a small instruction booklet that contains a brief assembly guide and points you to my Github page where you can obtain the PianoKeys library.


  • Enclosure - An enclosure designed by Chad Stanke that perfectly fits your Piano Board

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