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With the Message Board kit you can create your own custom sign and show your messages on 10 large 16 segement LED displays. Your texts can be simple static displays, scroll texts or you can create complex animated displays.

Features of the Message Board

Create your own sign, message feed ticker, score boad or display for your escape room. You can control the Message Board using the serial output from an Arduino (or any other developement board), or when you connect the Message Board to your computer it will show up as a serial device. Send it your text and it will immediately show up on the large 16 segment LED displays and auto scroll if your text is too long. Using simple control strings you can program the display to your own liking!

  • Works with any Arduino, Teensy, Raspberry Pi, Node MCU, or other development board with a serial port.
  • Or you can control the Message Board directly from your computer when you connect it to USB. It will show as a serial port that wou can send text to using a terminal program. No development board or programming is needed!
  • Display messages of up to 512 characters
  • Show scroll texts, short animated texts, or a combination
  • 16 Different animations
  • Simple control strings to program the display
  • Store a default message in NVRAM that will show every time when you switch on the Message Board

Get your own Message Board

The Message Board is available as a kit or fully build from my Tindie store.

The kit will be shipped to you in a quality white cardboard box that will fit in any normal letterbox and is well padded to prevent any damage during shipping. It comes with the micro USB socket already solder onto the board and a set of 3D printed feet that allows you to stand the Message Board up right. A small instruction card is provided with each order to get you started

Notice that the kits come without a micro USB cable since most people already have some laying around the house.


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